“The process of creating original music is truly amazing…always a pleasure, because Ben connects you with the greatest talent in the world. My suggestion is to bookmark the Amano web page and put Ben Davis’s number on speed dial.”- Thatcher Adams, Broadcast Creative Director, Toth + Co.

“A beautiful, simple design to a long, complex project. I worked with Amano music over 6 months for a series on long format videos. The collaboration, from brainstorming current artists, down to working with us in house, to the tiny details remembered in the mix, Amano guided us effortlessly through our project. Each working session was productive and flexible. I really enjoyed Ben coming into the agency to play ideas and even change them on the fly. He listened to all ideas and boiled them down to a very beautiful design. Our signature mnemonic was an instant AhHa! moment as well! Thank you for all your wonderful work!”- Chinkara Singh, Executive Producer (Freelance)

“Ben and his colleagues at Amano Music have been great creative partners through the years. I’ve had some tricky clients and Ben can always help us address their concerns, however difficult. He and Amano Music know how to roll with a challenge and turn around excellent work.”- Deborah Wagner, Managing Partner KSW Agency