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Samsung Gear S2 “Dial In” Samsung Gear S2 “Dial In”
Spark of Science Spark of Science
Outlaws Outlaws
Cosmopolitan “Vice & Virtue” Cosmopolitan “Vice & Virtue”
Volvo “Intersection” Volvo “Intersection”
The Mosuo Sisters The Mosuo Sisters
Cigna “Go You” Cigna “Go You”
Songs From “The Point!” Songs From “The Point!”
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down iPad App Thao & The Get Down Stay Down iPad App
1984 Revisionist History 1984 Revisionist History
Volkswagen “Raw Texas” Volkswagen “Raw Texas”
Northwest “Anthem” Northwest “Anthem”
Wal-Mart “Organics” Wal-Mart “Organics”
Volkswagen “DNA” Volkswagen “DNA”
Truth “Sodium Hydroxide” Truth “Sodium Hydroxide”
Olay “Sunscreen” Olay “Sunscreen”